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A Zest for Life
The lush Golden Valley

The Sóller valley with its lush orchards of lemons, oranges and olives, towering craggy mountains and breath-taking, dramatic seascapes lures like a siren. So it’s no wonder that it is known as the golden valley, a veritable Garden of Eden, for its abundance of citrus fruits, rich virgin olive oil and sun-filled days.

Image of the sunny Sóller valleyImage of the sunny Sóller valley
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A perfect home from home

Situated in northwest Mallorca, in the heart of the majestic Tramontana Mountains, a UNESCO Heritage Site, Sóller is just 30 minutes by road from Palma, the island’s capital, and only 45 minutes from Palma international airport. It has excellent transport links with a quaint historic train direct to Palma, and a fast local bus service too.

This beautiful town between mountains and sea is one of the most desirable places to live on the island offering all–year–round fantastic amenities that include local schools, excellent private and state healthcare, shopping facilities, wonderful sports activities such as sailing, cycling, and hiking, and a sound infrastructure.

Image of Sóller perfect home from home

Living the good Life

Authentic and relaxed, and with a warm, welcoming ambience, Sóller is a cosmopolitan town inhabited by both locals and foreign residents. Over the years visitors came to the town and loved it so much that they chose to make it their permanent or second home. Full of life, Sóller has a bustling programme of cultural events all-year round, such as the famed Orange fiesta, the Moors & Christians’ historic re-enactment and the spectacular and energetic Nit de Foc, Night of Fire.

Image of Sóller center and downtown living the good life

With excellent amenities such as attractive owner-occupied shops, organic food stores, restaurants and cafés, Sóller is also home to Can Prunera Modernist art museum, the natural History museum of the Baleares and the beautiful Botanical gardens. Every Saturday the atmospheric food and craft market spills out onto the sunny central square in front of the impressive church with its Gaudi-inspired façade. Where better to enjoy a cappuccino or freshly squeezed orange juice and delicious slice of local almond cake?

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The art of the craft

With a rich history that harks back to Moorish times, Sóller today is a reflection of its glorious and fascinating past. Due to its geographical isolation locals often suffered from pirate attacks during the 16th and 17th centuries, and this is commemorated annually with the vibrant Moors & Christians fiesta in May.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries many Sóllerics emigrated to France where they successfully traded olives, oranges, figs and almonds, returning home as affluent citizens. With this newfound wealth, some built grandiose modernist style properties that can be seen on the Gran Vía, Calle del Mar and Calle Sa Lluna.

Image of Sóller Moorish festival art of the craft

It’s said that Sóller was the birthplace of modernist art in Mallorca.

The town had a thriving textile industry from the 20th century right up until 1990 when the last of 14 factories closed. It also spawned chocolate businesses. Today we have two great ice-cream businesses instead: Fet a Sóller and Pau. These days the community uses its creative skills to nurture an artistic, musical and cultured environment for everyone to enjoy.

Image of Sóller authentic streets modernist art in Mallorca
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The decision was made. Our Mallorquin dream should be realized in Sóller and with Casas Mallorca...
Pia & Gerd

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We cannot praise too highly the service we received from the staff at Casas Mallorca, all of whom ...
Andrew & Sarah Kemp

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