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Moorish delights
An idyllic mountain town

The magnificent Moorish town of Valldemossa is flanked by the imposing Teix mountain and encircled by mountains, orchards of olives and lemons, and verdant pastures.

Image of Valldemossa Moorish town with orchards of olives and lemonsImage of Valldemossa Moorish town with orchards of olives and lemons
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The Perfect Pitch.

In the past, countless illustrious writers and musicians were lured by the effortless beauty of Valldemossa. Some of these include Jorge Luis Borges, the Nicaraguan poet, Rúben Dario, and of course, Frederic Chopin who in 1838 spent a disagreeable winter at the town’s Carthusian monastery, in the company of his French lover, George Sand. Chopin was suffering from consumption and had come to the town to enjoy the mountain air but found the monks unheated cells, very chilly!

Despite his illness, Chopin composed his preludes on the piano he had had shipped to the monastery. It can still be viewed today. George Sand wrote A Winter in Mallorca, a rather waspish memoir and yet, it is full of beautiful descriptions about the local landscape, still as mesmeric and beguiling today.

Image of Valldemossa Moorish town authentic streets

Pirates, potato buns and saints.

In ancient times, the small harbour of Valldemossa that is today reached by a winding road, was frequently under attack by pirates so watchtowers were created to alert other towns along the coast.  Almost as famous as its Moorish heritage and pirates, is Catalina Tomás, Mallorca’s patron saint, who was born in the town. Perhaps what visitors love most are Valldemossa’s delicious potato buns, a creation of C’an Molinas bakery. This fluffy bun sprinkled with sugar, can be enjoyed with thick hot chocolate on the café’s terrace.

Image of Valldemossa coast sea view

Close to the village of Deià, it is only 17km from Palma and 40 minutes by road to Palma Airport. With excellent amenities, an arts center created by American actor, Michael Douglas, and a cheerful, welcoming ambience with small and charming shops, cafés and restaurants make Valldemossa the perfect place to unwind and relax in a truly natural setting.

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Last but not least.

Did you know that Valldemossa dates back to Moorish times and derives from the name of an Arabic nobleman named Mussa? It means Valley of Mussa.

Archduke Luis Salvador first visited Mallorca in 1867. He restored many properties between Valldemossa and Deià including Son Marroig and the Miramar monastery.

Image of Valldemossa Moorish town with Son Marroig and the Miramar monastery
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