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Aside from using our combined expertise to assist you with buying or selling a property, we also take away the pain of dealing with the arduous aspects of house sale and purchase. For example, we can assist with island wide trusted connections such as banks, lawyers, notaries, local authorities and amenities.

We have a strong expertise on the local Market.

We tailor our services to your vision, ideas and needs.

We provide a direct, efficient and time saving experience.

We cherish open talk to minimise any misunderstanding.

We listen carefully in order to notice what has not been said.

We can arrange your renovation project from start to finish.

We protect your information to make our relationship safe.

We create a comfortable and collaborative environment.

We make sure you feel at ease by doing business with us.

Our philosophy is to offer you, the client, an all-embracing service. We operate with complete transparency and efficiency in order to get deals completed in the quickest possible time while ensuring that accuracy is given the utmost priority. As they say, the devil is in the detail.

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project in Mallorca?

Casas Mallorca were wonderful in helping us to find & purchase our home in Soller. They initially worked with us to clarify what we really wanted – they helped us to visualize how we would live in our townhouse home, rather than the Finca renovation projects or lock-up & leave apartments we had been considering!. The advice they gave us was professional & direct but also warm & personal. The purchase wasn’t straightforward due to problems with historical documentation – we felt that they supported both the vendor & ourselves extremely well throughout. Esther’s local knowledge & communication skills were invaluable. Thank you! – October 2022

– Tina –

“I had the opportunity and great fortune to engage with Esther from Casas Mallorca for the sale of some apartments. The work and professionalism displayed were impeccable, characterized by a high degree of honesty and seriousness. Esther provided invaluable assistance in resolving issues and demonstrated a genuine concern for meeting my needs. I am pleased to offer excellent references based on this experience.”

– Cata –

“Thanks to Casas Mallorca, I found my perfect home in Soller. My experience was outstanding. Initially daunted by prices and restoration challenges, Casas Mallorca helped navigate my search. They presented various options, including a modern duplex that unexpectedly felt right. Located minutes from the town center, its luminous contemporary spaces offer views of ancient buildings and gardens. Casas Mallorca handled negotiations and provided excellent advice on notary and legal services. I couldn’t be happier with my new home, and I continue to visit their office regularly for coffee and conversation. I highly recommend them to anyone buying in the area.”

– David –

“Thank you once again for delivering an outstanding experience. I would not hesitate to recommend CasasMallorca to anyone seeking real estate services in or around Sóller, Mallorca. Their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable.”

– Paul & Annika –

“Casas Mallorca have considerable knowledge and experience with property in the Soller Valley and this proved to be very valuable when we wanted to buy a property during the pandemic. We couldn’t visit because of travel restrictions and had to rely on the advice and experience of the Casas team. They were great throughout a challenging purchase process and we are delighted with our new home. Highly recommended!”

– Azmat –

“It was by chance that I discovered the Casas Mallorca agency. Ten minutes later, I was visiting an apartment right next door. The seller, very competent, convinced me, and on our next visit, we bought the property offered. It was also in record time, less than 2 months, that our house was sold, without going through the internet. The agency staff is very available, and in case of questions or problems, they are always attentive. It is very reassuring to feel supported and accompanied when it comes to acquiring or parting with property. Thank you, Casas Mallorca!”

– Anne & Jean –


The answers you need along the real estate path.

Can I rent my property out on portals like Airbnb?

Only If you have an official permit to do so. To obtain such a permit certain conditions need to be met and if you own an Apartment in a condominium, the community must agree to that. The area your Property is located in is a crucial point, also if it is your 1st residency, a whole house or just an Apartment.

There have been major restrictions and new regulations so the best thing to do is to ask your Lawyer of choice to look into the matter. We can certainly help in applying for these Permits. Long term rental dedicated for locals or residents is never a problem though and a standard rental contract is usually enough.

A NIE Number is an Identification number for people that are not Spanish citizens. It´s not a fiscal residency identification as you could be fiscal resident abroad and still have a Spanish NIE number. It is mainly needed to file taxes, buy property or open a bank account as well as establishing your own business.

It is one of the first things you should apply for if you are buying property. Lawyers and Gestorias can help you this. You will need it for the signing of the purchase deed. You can also apply Online or at your country’s Spanish embassy/consulate. Costs are around 150 € per issued NIE.

The following should always be considered:

  • Property Transfer Tax (ITP or Impuestos sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales)Sale of second-hand real estate or subsequent transmissions9% – 11% on a scale depending on the purchase price.
  • Value Added Tax

    10% applicable only for properties of new construction and first transmission.

  • Other Real Estate Objects

    21% – Garages, warehouses, etc.

  • Notary Fees Approx.

    0.1% – 0.2% of the purchase price‍

  • Property Registry Fees

    Max. 0.5% of purchase price, but usually between 0.1% – 0.2%.

  • Gestoría Fees

    Between 200 € – 500 €

  • Stamp duty / AJD (Impuesto of Actos Jurídicos Documentados)

    Between 0.5% – 1.5% of the purchase price

  • Solicitor’s fees

    0.5% – 1.5% of the purchase price

  • Tax consultant For annual income and wealth tax returns.
  • Wealth tax allowance currently €700.000 per person.

“This information is subject to change. As non-lawyers and tax consultants we cannot accept any liability for this.”

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